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The puffin is the celebrity of the bird cliff, and the reason why many visitors come to Runde. It is the most numerous bird on Runde, and can be seen during the breeding season, which lasts from April to the beginning of August. The puffins dig burrows into the grassy slopes to lay their eggs and raise their chicks protected underground.

The puffin is easily recognizable with its large, colorful beak and bright orange legs. But it is not just the appearance that makes it unique. Every evening during the breeding season, the puffins can be seen in large numbers flocking back from the sea. At times it can be difficult to see them during the day, but if you take an evening trip up to the “Lundeura”, you can be certain to see the puffins.

As other bird species of the auk family, the puffin is a skilled swimmer. It can dive up to 60 meters deep while holding its breath for over one minute!  

Around 32,500 breeding pairs