Experience Runde is a part of Runde Environmental Center


Experience Runde has tourist information for Herøy Municipality within our opening hours. We are a subsidiary of Runde Environmental center, and works closely with the research station.

Rundavegen 237, 6096 Runde , Norway


If you visit us, you will meet many friendly and skilled hosts! Wondering who we are? Look here!

Contact persons

Are you considering a visit? Feel free to contact us, and we will help you put together a great experience:

Johannes Nikolai Antonsen

Johannes works as a nature guide at Opplev Runde. Much of Johannes' daily life is spent on the coast and in the sea, and his communication is therefore strongly influenced by life on the coast. Johannes is passionate about teaching as much as possible about the fantastic coastal nature of Søre Sunnmøre, often with a twinkle in his eye. 

Cecil Elisabet Nerbø

Cecil is the CEO for Opplev Runde , and helps you put together your unique experience.


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Picture of birds on rock

Opening hours


Søndag 11:00 - 16:00

Det er litt tidleg sesong enda, så vi har ikkje ope alle dagar. Men - vi tek gjerne imot både grupper og enkeltreisande om du tek kontakt først!

Velkomen til å ta kontakt for å avtale besøk

Kveldsarrangement, møte eller tur med naturrettleiar? Kontakt oss da vel! Me har ope for grupper heile året etter avtale

Vil du vite meir om vårt arbeid med Miljøfyrtårn, eller sjå rapportar frå åra som har gått? Ta kontakt med Miljøfyrtårnansvarleg på cecil@runde.no, så deler me gjerne rapportane våre med deg!

Are you wondering anything?

Do you have questions about our activities? Maybe you want to join the tour? Contact us!