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Puffin safari

A magical experience where the open sea and land meet. Join us for an evening tour to the bird cliffs where you'll get up close to the puffin.

About the trip

Join us for a magical experience where land meets the vast sea. On an evening trip to the bird cliff, you get up close to the puffin. Our nature guide will provide you with insights into the unique life of seabirds, local history from the island, and the story of a genuine treasure from the shipwreck of Akerendam off Runde in 1725.

<br>The trip starts at Runde Environmental Centre with a screening of "Havets sølv," a fascinating nature documentary about the puffins and the massive herring spawning along the Møre Coast. Before being guided through the exhibition at Runde Environmental Centre, you will be served a delicious fish soup with freshly baked bread. With full stomachs and "Havets sølv" in your backpack, our experienced nature guide will take you through the exhibition. You will become acquainted with the various birds that inhabit the island, and we will try to provide answers about what is happening with the bird life on Runde. Before embarking on the mountain hike, we take a golden journey back to 1725. A large merchant ship ran aground on Runde, and 300 years later, the wreckage was discovered by three divers.

The trip to the bird cliff takes about 45 minutes, and the highest point is approximately 200 meters above sea level. After a short and steep uphill climb, the terrain flattens out, and the rest of the trip is a gentle ascent. On the way to the bird cliff, there is much to see, and the nature guide shows you the best spots so you can get the most out of the trip and the opportunity to learn much more. At the top of the bird cliff, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the view, the sunset, and the puffins flying overhead. You will definitely learn something new about Runde, the birds, and the surrounding sea.

Practical information:

Included in the experience

  • Guided tour of the bird mountain with a nature guide
  • Dinner
  • Film and guided tour at Runde Environmental Center

Practical info

This is a mountain hike, and the trail has varying quality. We recommend good shoes with ankle support.

  • Backpack (20-40 L)
  • Dress according to the weather. Water/windproof clothing and a change of clothes is recommended.
  • A bottle of water
  • Hat and gloves if it's cold
  • Camera

Facts about the trip

  • Height above sea level: 200 meters
  • Elevation: 200-300 vertical meters
  • Distance: 4.5 kilometers (round trip)
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Information about the tour
Adult: NOK 795 Child (8-15 years) (8-15 years): NOK 645
Start time
April 1 - April 30: 16:00 1. May - August 8: 17:00
Runde Environmental Center
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