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Have you ever wondered what it's like to experience the life and forces of the sea up close? How the waves from the open ocean feel against your body? When you join coasteering, you experience the sea by being in the sea.

A fun activity that suits most people

We put on our wetsuits, life jackets, and helmets, then head out into the water. Coasteering is a mix of moving on land and in the water. You'll swim, walk, climb, and float. It's a fun activity suitable for almost everyone!

Experience the tidal zone in a new way

What you're about to experience is a completely new way of seeing the intertidal zone, with seaweed swaying in the water's movement or living beings rarely seen. Out on Runde, the sea is rarely calm, and as we move in the intertidal zone, we have the opportunity to play in the waves breaking on the shore. The constant movement of the water makes the activity in the intertidal zone exciting! Our nature guide shares research-based knowledge about the nature of Runde, and along the way, we'll focus heavily on learning something new! Coasteering is an activity suitable for most people; if you're curious about the sea, this is the activity for you.

Practical info:

We meet up at Runde Miljøsenter, and the tour leaves from the center.


- Warm wetsuit (Suitable for summer and winter)

- Helmet

- Life jacket

- Shoes/Gloves

- Local guide

The guest should bring:

- Swimwear

- Activity strap for glasses /glasses for activity use

- Dry change of clothing

- Water bottle

- Storage for wet clothing


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