Experience Runde is a part of Runde Environmental Center


When visiting Runde, there are some rules that apply. We have prepared some recommendations for you.

When you're going on a trip to the bird cliff, one usual starts from the parking lot in Goksøyr. From there you go up the steep path to the left after passing by Goksøyr Camping.

Up on the plateau, the path is prepared with stone slabs and wooden walkways, and there are several nice round trips to choose from. We encourage you to stay on the paths, and not walk into the marshland. It is important to protect the marshland, and to leave the birds that nest there in peace.

Due to the vulnerable nature and nesting birds, camping on the mountain is also not recommended. We encourage everyone to use organized accommodation when visiting the island. There are several good opportunities to choose from, either at Goksøyr Camping, Christineborg Gjestehus or with us at Runde Environmental Center. There is also the possibility to stay at the Runde lighthouse, which is maintained by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT).

During summer season many people come to Runde to see the puffins. You can see them best in the evenings from April to July. At about seven o'clock in the evening, the puffins will have finished gathering food out at sea, and will start their evening activities. It is a spectacular experience to watch! We also recommend spending some time to look around and study some of the other birds that live on the island!

There are a number of different bird conservation areas on the island. These areas are marked with signs or fences, and it is not allowed to enter them.
The marshland on the mountain plateau is also a nature reserve, which means that you are not allowed to remove plants from there. You can pick berries and mushrooms though!

During summer season there are boat trips around the island leaving from Runde harbour if the weather permits. This is a great way to see the birdlife from the sea!

Remember to show respect for birds and other animals, and also to other visitors and residents. Use the public toilets, and take your garbage with you to the nearest litter bin. During summer there is a public toilet at the parking lot in Gøksøyr, and at Runde Environmental Center you find public toilets and showerss that are open year-round.

Have a nice visit to Runde!