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Kelp forests in the ocean of the future: their dual capacity and role as natural climate mitigation

Lecture Sunday October 8

This week, researchers from the Institute of Marine Research are working at Runde to look at different areas of kelp forest in the area.

On Sunday, you have a unique opportunity to meet Karen Filbee-Dexter and Thomas Wernberg, who work in the field of seabed communities.

They will present the work from two projects at the Institute of Marine Research, which have a large element of field work around Runde.
The projects investigate how kelp forests absorb and store carbon dioxide. They will also uncover the links between kelp populations along the coast and how well they tolerate rising temperatures. This work is seen in the context of broader trends in kelp forests around the world, such as kelp forest expansion in the Arctic and habitat loss in warmer regions.

Karen Filbee-Dexter is a postdoc, focusing her research on the ecological consequences of climate change and the functioning of the world's kelp forests.
Thomas Wernberg is a professor with a broad research field, but with a strong focus on contributing to an integrated understanding of the complex processes that drive the ecology of coastal marine environments.

Time: 15:00
Admission NOK 50,- , includes entrance to the exhibition

NB - the presentation will be held in English.

The café and exhibition will be open from 11:00 - 17:00, serving dinner and waffles/coffee.

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