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Sunday lecture on 5 March: Marius Kambestad (NORCE)

"Salmon and sea trout in Sunnmøre - Where did the fish go?" ¨ Are you among those who wonder why there are fewer salmon and sea trout in the rivers? If you go to Runde on Sunday, you can get some answers, and you can ask one of the people who know the most about this in this country.

Sunnmøre has a large number of rivers with stocks of salmon and sea trout, and long traditions of fishing for these species. In recent years, the amount of salmon and sea trout in many of the rivers has been dramatically reduced. There are many opinions about the causes: Is it salmon lice, overfishing, climate change, water power, channelling of rivers? Or maybe it's all the otter's fault? What do scientists think and what do local people think?

Marius Kambestad is a researcher at the Norwegian Research Centre (NORCE) in Bergen. He is a researcher in freshwater ecology, specialising in salmon and sea trout. Head of the research projects "More salmon and sea trout in Sunnmøre" and "Return of the otter".

Date: 5 March
Time: 15:00
Entrance: SEK 50,-.

The café and exhibition is open from 12:00 - 17:00 serving dinner, coffee and cakes.

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