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Meet marine biologist Roger Kvalsund , sunday 12th of February

Roger has been employed at Runde Environmental Center since the opening in 2009. He is retiring, and this Sunday Roger will give a presentation about what happens in the ocean during springrime. You will see and learn about what cannot be seen with the naked eye - there are many rarities in the ecosystem. In this large ecosystem, many depend on each other. If the food arrives two days late, you might not survive.

Roger is a marine biologist (cand.real) from the University of Bergen, majoring in Zoplankton. He is also an educator, has worked as a teacher, and is an inspiring lecturer. With extensive experience withinin aquaculture, operation of land-based facilities for marine species, water quality in closed facilities and transport systems, he has acquired a vast knowledge of fish health and environmental impact from aquaculture. Roger has for a number of years been responsible formonitoring the spawning of cod in Borgundfjorden outside Ålesund.

At Runde Environmental Centre, Roger has been involved in most of the environmental projects. He has been higly involved in the long-term assignments on the biology and ecological role of the sand eel in the ecosystem. He has also participated in projects for the Institute of Marine Research for more than 10 years.

The lecture starts at 15:00. Entrance fee NOK 50,-.

Café and exhibition is open from 13:00 - 17:00. The cafè is offering dinner, coffee and cakes.

In connection with Mother's Day, there will be no entry and coffee/tea for all girls/ladies.

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