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Sunday lecture June 2 - Martin Eggen// Without birds, life would not be the same

We sometimes talk to visitors about how life in the bird cliffs can be an indicator of the state of the sea.

Søndag 2.juni får vi besøk av Martin Eggen, forfattar av boka «Uten fugler blir livet ikke det samme» (2023).

In just a few years, Martin has observed significant changes in bird populations. Some birds have decreased in numbers, some are disappearing altogether, and others have become more common. Why is this happening, and how does it relate to the world's environmental and climate problems? Can we even comprehend and fully grasp the seriousness of this, and what can we do to help the birds?

"No feather coat is thick enough to withstand humans' extreme impact on the planet. What we do to the birds, we also do to ourselves. To solve the problems, birds must lead the way. By taking care of the birds, we address most of the world's environmental problems. At the same time, we protect our only home."

Martin Eggen lives in Lofoten and is a conservation advisor at BirdLife Norway. He has worked on a wide range of environmental issues in various environmental organizations for several decades and has emerged in recent years as a clear voice in public discourse.

Time: 15:00
Café and visitor center open from 11:00 - 18:00
Ticket NOK 100,-. You can book your ticket in advance here.

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