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19 March: "Life in the deep: Coral and other fascinating organisms in Norwegian fjords"

Did you know that you don't have to travel far to find coral?

Marine biologist Ørjan Sørstrønen Vabø takes us underwater and shares insights about coral and sponges in Norway. Where can they be found, what role do they play in the ecosystem, and why is it important to preserve them? He showcases pictures and videos from the seabed, captured during expeditions using ROV/blueye.

You will also learn about other organisms found in Norwegian fjords, from sponges to phytoplankton and sea cucumbers.

Ørjan is a marine biologist, interested in everything from plankton to coral. He has a master's degree on mapping species diversity in Norwegian fjords. In his master's thesis, the main focus was on the diversity around vulnerable habitats formed by coral and sponges (e.g. coral reefs), and what environment one could find these habitats in.

Time: 15:00
Entrance fee: Kr 50,-

The café and exhibition is open from 12:00-17:00, serving dinner, coffee and cakes.


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