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Close to the sea After Sea

Are you not so keen on the various activities? Don't worry, you can still join us at the festival!

Meet up at 16:00 and join us at Sjønær After Sea!

Life Stories - Told by Ocean People. Meet three participants who live by and with the ocean

Meet Kim Sund
Join us underwater, and see how Kim sees the world through his camera lens.
Kim has been diving since 2006, and early on took his camera under the surface to explore and document. Kim has three second places and one third place from the NM in underwater photography, and participated in the European Championships in Madeira in 2022. 

Meet Edd Bjørke
Kayak guru Edd shares stories from his kayaking world. You'll hear about exciting trips on, in and under the waves. Edd is not only kayaking on the edge; he also builds Edge!

MeetJenny Ullgren - "Doomsday pep talk, is there hope for the ocean"?
is an oceanographer by profession and a nature nerd by habit. She will talk about the big picture: the state of the ocean and what we can do to take care of it.

Tapas dinner. Plenty of good things for every taste

Rock the Seabed. Throughout the evening there will be a festival pub, Silent Disco and live music. Aleksander Goksøyr; songwriter in the rock band Skapsmak will bring his guitar home to Runde, and offer contemporary songs about both halibut and love. The band is soon ready with new releases, and several of the songs will be played acoustically for the first time!

Price per person NOK 650,-

You can buy a ticket here: https://www.hivens.no/aftersea

Sea You!

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