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Welcome to the Sjønær Festival on 10 September

A completely new festival concept at the far end of the sea gap at Sunnmøre.

Welcome to a completely new sea festival at Runde!

On 10th September we invite you to the Sjønær Festival, a completely new festival concept at Runde where the sea and the marine environment are in focus.

The festival is a collaboration between the Herøy-based freediving group Njord Freediver, the kelp cultivation company Tango Seaweed in Sande, and Experience Runde by Runde Environmental Center. We call it the "Festival above and below the sea" as our main idea behind the concept is to give more people an experience of the sea, whether it is through exciting activities, engaging talks or social gatherings.

The vision behind the festival is that participants should be able to travel from Runde and feel that they have learned something new and interesting about the sea - in one form or another, whether it is through experiences with the sea in focus, or through conversations with professionals with a lot of familiarity and knowledge about the sea.


Those who take part can, among other things, do free diving, scuba diving for certified divers, kayaking for experienced and inexperienced paddlers, hike in the tidal zone, watch films and other social activities. The goal is to embrace a broad maritime field of interest for both young and old.
The aim is, of course, that participants should also get a little wet. After all, it is a sea festival and we live in an activity mecca for sea-related activities. 

NB - when signing up, choose which activity you want to participate in, and put it in the shopping basket. Please note the requirements for equipment and skills for diving/sea kayaking.


Both meals throughout the weekend will be inspired by the sea, and the festival's own kelp influencer, Julie Kreis in Seaweed Adventure will also ensure that you get to taste some of the sea's vegetables, which are underrated culinary delicacies.


09.00: Welcome to Runde . Attendance and preparation for activities
09.30: Seaside activity (choose an activity)
- Diving trip by boat
- Freediving from a boat
- On a long trip by kayak
- Boat trip to the birdfjellet/with Aquila around Runde
- Opportunity to test freediving with Njord Freediver
13.00: Shared lunch
1.45pm: Introduction to Sjønær, by Marko Polter
14.00: Lill Haugen: "The secret life in the sea"
2.45pm: Talk about "The Shark in the Forest", with Arnbjørg Aagesen
15.30: Summary and discussion
15.45: Break
16.00: Experience the sea in 3D with VR glasses
16.30: Introduction to bird safari and out on a trip with Tango Seaweed
18.00: Dinner
19:00 Seaside quiz and social
Official program ends, but feel free to stay throughout the evening

Get to know the organizers and partners better here:

Sparebank 1 Søre Sunnmøre
Njord Freediver
Tango Seaweed AS
Julie Cook's Green / Seaweed Adventure
Herøy Diving Club
Herøy Kayak Club
Opplev Runde AS

If you need accommodation, or need to hire equipment, send a request to booking@ runde .no

For more info contact Marko Polter (913 40 174), Cecil Elisabet Nerbø (95 96 70 59) or Bjørnar Torvholm Sævik (991 12 890).

Photo: Bjørnar Torvholm Sævik / Njord Freediver

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