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SeaBee on Runde

Artificial intelligence (AI) recognizes different species of plants and seabirds in images taken by drones along the coast

This week, a total of 17 participants in the research infrastructure SeaBee have gathered at Runde.

Researchers, drone pilots and communications staff from NIVA, NINA, NTNU, SpectroFly and GRID-Arendal have tested modern equipment for mapping marine nature types, both from the air and from the sea surface.

On Runde they have used both drones and self-propelled surface vessels to collect data on kelp forests, eelgrass beds and various seaweed species in the tidal zone. In addition, they have used drones to record gannets and seagulls on the bird rock and at sea. 

The feedback from the project group is that it has been a very successful fieldwork in great weather and with good hosting at the centre.

Would you like to read more about this exciting project? Then we recommend that you visit www.seabee.no.

And if you want a good explanation and illustration of how they work in the project, check out this nice film:

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