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Runde Symposium 2022

On May 5. and 6., the Rrunde symposium started, under the theme Seanation Norway 2.0, as a collaboration between Runde Environmental Center and the Institute of Marine Research.

Participants were an interdisciplinary composition of researchers, politicians, organizations and business people, who with high dedication talked about future perspectives and how to create values, with a focus on ecosystem management.

Sissel Rogne, managing director of the Institute of Marine Research, summarized that after the symposium, one was astound by the enormous enthusiasm for the creativity, the seriousness and the genuine eagerness to solve difficult questions. - "This symposium gives us contacts and knowledge which means that we dare to discuss a little differently with each other. We dare to stand a bit 'with the bar brought up' and test ideas. It is essential when we are going to take the next leap forward", she said after the last panel debate at the symposium.

More information at www.rundesymposiet.no

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