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"The plastic whale" - What is happening to our ocean?

Sunday the 13th of November, Christoph talks about a sick a whale that was found on the Island of Sotra, and how the sea is affected by plastic pollution

Meet our new researcher at Runde Environmental Centre, marine biologist Christoph Noever.

In January 2017, a six meter long Cuvier’s beaked whale stranded on the Island of Sotra in Western Norway. It was starving because its stomach was clogged with over 30 plastic bags. Christoph was the one who opened the whale’s stomach and got to see why the whale had been so sick.

The whale has since been known as the "plastic whale" and became a symbol of marine plastic pollution.

On Sunday 13th November at 15:00, Christoph will talk about the work that was done around this, and he will tell us more about how animals in the sea are affected by plastic pollution.  

Do you want to read more about the sick whale that drifted ashore at Sotra in 2017? Here you can find Aftenposen's article about it.

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