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Puffin safari with nature guide

A magical experience where land meets the ocean. On an evening trip to the bird cliffs, you get up close to both the puffin and other birds.

Every spring thousands of puffins come Runde to breed. This year they came in from the Atlantic around March 15th , and they will stay on the island until the turn of the months July-August.

When the birds come in from hunting at sea as the evenings approach, there is a spectacular sight at the “Lundeura”, where it is possible to get to the birds up close.

Throughout the summer season, we offer trips for small groups to the bird cliffs with our nature guide, to see both puffins and other birds that stay at Runde .

We will introduce you to the seabirds' special life and some local history from the island, and of course the story of the gold treasure from the shipwreck of Akerendam, that sunk at Runde in 1725, in our brand-new exhibition that opens on June 1st.

The tour starts on Runde Environmental center with a tour of our exhibition and with a viewing of "The Silver of the Sea", a fantastic nature documentary about the puffins and the ecosystem they are part of Runde . The tour is followed by dinner, and ends with a hike to the bird mountain.

If you are lucky, at the end the trip the sun is setting into the sea as the puffins are flying above your head.

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