Opplev Runde is a part of Runde Environmental Center

Coasteering at Runde

Coasteering is a fantastic way to experience nature!

Put on your full equipment (wetsuit, life jacket, helmet, shoes and gloves) and get into the water to explore different areas along the shore! Here you can move along the sea over rocks, swim and climb, and maybe even try your hand at a small jump.

Last week we had a visit from Kyrre from Coasteering.no, who took us through four exciting days of training, and we now have four good instructors in the house. We have become better acquainted with the lake areas around us to create good trails where it is good to move around in the water, and where there is a lot to see and investigate. Not surprisingly, it turns out that Runde also has a lot to offer from the sea side.

We already have tours where we explore the bay and the life there. From the fall, visitors can also join nature guides and biologists in the water to play, explore life in the intertidal zone, and get to know the amazing ocean area that surrounds the island - from the sea! This will be a perfect activity for school classes, companies that want an educational form of team building, and also for private individuals who want to join open tours. All programs will focus on learning, play and, not least, water safety. We can't wait to get started! :)

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